Maalacan Engineering REEFA Sugar Cane Fertilizer Coulter



Place fertilizer and Confidor Guard to your desired level underground, consistently. Suitable for all soil types including red soil. View detailed information in the REEFA product brochure.



Constructed from heavy wall rectangular hollow section


Design can cater for stool splitting or side dressing simply by readjusting the center clamp position and adding an extra coulter hanger


Frame can be raised and lowered from both the front and rear, to allow for the various angles each soil type


Infinite operating depth and angle adjustments are achieved by simply turning the threaded height adjustment arm


Toolbar extends telescopically and is activated and positioned by hydraulic cylinder for multiple row width spacing’s (1.53 meters to 1.83 meters)


Draws in for road travel


Single bar drawbar with dual swivel enables full oscillation and achieves right angle turns on row entry and exit


Drawbar is mounted by Category 2 three-point linkage point enabling unit to be drawn by either option


Raising or lowering the machine when turning or travelling will not affect the pre-set operating height position


Clamp adjust wheel spacing to suit various row configurations


Reinforced rims




Coulters are mounted on a parallelogram linkage and activated by a hydraulic accumulator to maintain a regular depth over irregular terrain


Rise over obstructions and minimize disc damage


Coulters can be drawn upward without raising the frame to maximize ground clearance


Coulter hangers are designed for 760mm discs with tynes easily adjusted from both horizontal and vertical points to match disc arc


Long stainless steel dispersion boxes make placement of fertilizer and Confidor Guard to your desired level underground easy


Adjusting plates are cut from 20mm plate


Minimal deflection during operation


Working depth is adjustable from 75mm to 180mm


Maalacan Engineering REEFA Sugar Cane Fertilizer Coulter and Tyne






 View detailed information in the REEFA product brochure.


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Bin is constructed from 4mm stainless steel for strength and durability


Metering chambers are constructed from 3mm stainless steel to reduce weight


Sharp side angles and equal metering chambers empty easily and completely


Can be reduced to less than 3.5 meters wide for road travel


Metering chambers are flange mounted and bolted to the bin 


Change dispersion configurations without replacing the whole bin


Dual 90mm spiral conveyers (worms)


Uniform fertilizer flow and placement


Toughened glass windows fitted to each metering chamber 


View low levels from the tractor seat


Hydraulically activated top cover to safeguard contents from moisture (optional)


Bolted metering tubes and drop chutes are easily removed for maintenance


Conveyor bearings machined from stainless steel with a bronze sleeve 


Wheel driven or rate controlled






Maalacan Engineering REEFA Fertilizer Coulter Specifications






“With REEFA, we can sleep better at night knowing that we don't have as many losses and the fertilizer is placed exactly where our plant needs it most.”




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