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What our customers have to say

     “From a very young age, Mick would always be there to offer assistance and advice if something went wrong. If the harvester broke down, big or small, he would always help straight away. Being a farmer, he knows better than anyone what the problems are trying to get agricultural machinery to work; he will persevere until he gets it right and that is worth its weight in gold.”

David cecchi, Cecchi Harvesting Co


     “I have worked as an advisor in the Sugar Industry in Innisfail for 39 years. One thing that I have learnt is that because the industry is highly mechanised, it is important that the equipment used is very reliable.

In 2010, Mick Camilleri of Maalacan Engineering built for GF Rural Supplies a confidor applicator, which is hired out to cane farmers continually during each cane season for the application of Confidor Guard for the control of cane grubs. It is important that the insecticide is accurately placed in and around the cane stool to achieve the maximum results from this product (Confidor Guard).

I told Mick Camilleri what I wanted the applicator to do and he designed it to my specifications. The machine has served us very well for the past 4 years with very little down time. It has worked reliably under all conditions, wet and dry seasons. To do this the machine had to be designed well, built tough and reliable.

Mick has the advantage as a cane farmer, where he has the experience to foresee problems when designing machinery, to ensure it works well. Furthermore, Mick Camilleri will design it to suit your personal requirements.”

george bugeja, GF Rural Supplies


     “Developing new products and handling the tough CNC jobs in Maalacan’s specialty. And what’s more, they win with service, quality and price too – especially on CNC work – I know, because I checked them out against their opposition before giving them all my work a couple of years ago.”

Henry Vox, Radial Drilling Pty Ltd


     “If you need it in a hurry, Maalacan will get it out on time. And the job will be done right.”

John wilkinson, Wilkinsons Blacksmiths Pty Ltd


     “We engaged Michael to design and completely manufacture our new Tea Harvester. Because of his innovative approach to the design and his excellent standard of workmanship, this Tea Harvester is considered to be one of the best available.”

S.a. nucifora, Nucifora Holdings