Maalacan Engineering Spline Shaft Repairs


Our business at Maalacan Engineering has been built on a foundation of re-metalling, now a dying art

Most parts, provided they are not worn past the point of destruction, can be repaired. If you cannot find a replacement or need a difficult part repaired, we can discuss the possibilities of having your part reclaimed at a competitive price.

  • Minimum time delay, outcomes achieved promptly
  • Built up and re-machined to additional specifications
  • Quickly remanufactured and fitted into your machine
  • Fix something that is no longer available
  • Special one off parts made from scratch
  • Develop solutions for recurring problems
  • Reinforce stressed components

Types include: Spline Shafts; Bearing Journals; Seal Tracks; Castings; Manifolds; Planetary Housing; Flange Faces; Couplings


Refurbished early 1970’s International Harvester
Una-Beam Disc Harrow

Repairs made by Maalacan Engineering to International Una-Beam Offset

Repairs made by Maalacan Engineering to International Harvester Una-Beam Disc Harrow


  • Replaced corroded cross bars and drawbar
  • Replaced worn centre pivot pin and bushes
  • Reinforced partially corroded activating mechanism with extra steel
  • Fitted with greasable bearings
  • Replaced hydraulic hoses
  • Replaced seal kit in activating cylinder
  • Sandblasted and painted with epoxy paint to finish