For over 35 years, Maalacan Engineering has provided innovative solutions to the specialised needs of the agricultural and manufacturing industries. Uncompromising quality and service, and the willingness to develop revolutionary products, are keys to our success. If you are seeking a perfect fit in your machinery, we believe there is no room for error.

In the workshop, each member of our team strives to give you their best. We take pride in ensuring your parts are of the highest quality, right down to how they look and feel. 

When we source our materials, we compare prices from our Australian suppliers to find you the best price without compromising on quality.  We will never accept second rate material.

We will always securely pack your goods to ensure nothing is damaged in transit; the goods are also arranged to fit the smallest volumetric area possible. If your order does not fill a standard pallet, we will place it on a custom-sized pallet to ensure your costs are kept as low as possible. There will never be additional charges once a price has been agreed.

Communication is important to us and consequently our customers always feel comfortable talking to us. We delight in keeping you informed throughout the progress of each job. If you require work to be completed urgently or over the weekend, we will be able to accommodate you. 

At Maalacan Engineering, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver what you want, when you want it.




Michael Camilleri from Maalacan Engineering

My name is Michael Camilleri and I am passionate about two things: engineering and farming.

I developed these interests as a young man working in my family’s harvesting and cane farm partnership. The first commercial cane harvesters wouldn’t cut successfully in all conditions and had to be modified. It was here, following in the footsteps of my innovative brother, that I developed a passion for problem solving through machinery modification. In the beginning I enjoyed the high energy work pace associated with harvester driving and in the off season I worked with our first lathe and undertook mentoring from local tradespersons.

The 1970’s saw our skills in machinery modification become recognised by the locals and we began working for others, providing solutions to their problems. In 1978 this line of work became serious and I registered Maalacan as an engineering business, named after the old railway station in the area. I also continued to hone my skills on machinery and bought my first milling machine.

From the 1980’s I began to work with other local industries. I was involved with part fabrication for the automated machinery at Foxwood, and the local slip way where I made and repaired propeller shafts and stern tube bearings.  In the mid 1980’s I built 3 tea harvesters. The late 80’s saw me working with the local iron and brass foundry and I developed an interest in CNC Machining. I also expanded into sand blasting and precision saw sharpening.

Today I continue to work with a number of industries. I still own my father’s cane farm, as well as manage Maalacan. I am the local director of the Australian Cane Farmers Association and I use the information received in this role to allow me to come up with informed solutions based on known industry problems. Having my own farm allows me to trial what I build so I can ensure what we design is working successfully.

I enjoy doing hands on work as well as design, and the two go hand in hand allowing us to work collaboratively with our clients to achieve their desired outcomes. I enjoy tackling the more difficult jobs, and as a business we work really well at supporting other manufacturers by tooling up to do the more intricate portions of their work.

My experience has taught me how temperamental machinery can be and how beneficial it is to tailor a solution to a specific situation. This is the reason I started Maalacan. I look forward to assisting you to realise your ideas.