Pump Housing CNC Machining Maalacan Engineering


CNC Machining is the key to the perfection Maalacan Engineering consistently achieves

The quality of your components is realised by maintaining accuracy, speed, surface texture and the blending of contour shapes. We can easily cater for tight tolerances and the machining of castings.

  • Willingness to develop processes to manufacture difficult parts
  • The price agreed is the price you pay – no surprises
  • Lathes with up to 3 axes – capacities to 440mm swing x 1500mm between centres with hollow spindles up to 101mm diameter and 4 axis machining centre – 500mm x 500mm x 1100mm
  • Your components will be the correct size and fit every time
  • Urgent work can be given priority

Pump Housings / Impellors

Fugal Couplings

Boiler Plugs

Loco Brake Adjusters

Custom Shafts

Stainless Steel Barrel Bolts

Core Moulds

Crankcase Housing

Machined Crankcase Housing

Specialised Spherical Joints

Hydraulic Components / Special Cylinders


CNC Machined Cylinder Sleeve





Wheel Hubs

Conveyor Drums

Pipe Fittings