Maalacan Sugar Cane Harvester Slew Chain


SUITABLE FOR CASE IH AUSTOFT 7000/7700/8000/8800 & CAMECO 2500


 By fitting the rollers with bearings, friction between the roller and pin is reduced, allowing the roller to  always turn. This prevents the rollers from developing flat spots and wearing out the chain ring.

Chains are precision cut from 6mm plate.

Rollers are fitted with a sealed ball bearing and retained with a circlip. Rollers and links are held together with a 20mm machined shouldered pin. The pin precisely fits into the chain link and the bearing, and is also retained with a circlip.

The slew chain is supplied with 4 evenly spaced nylon breaks for adequate friction.

are fabricated from steel with fittings for the elevator lift cylinders and safety bars.

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Harquip harvester parts.


Maalacan Austoft Slew Chain