Maalacan Cameco Chopper Drums



We are delighted to offer you the ability to personally customise your chopper to suit your needs without compromising on quality.

Harvester maintenance, particularly the condition of basecutters and chopper blades, has a significant impact on harvester damage and sugar loss. Research has shown that losses can be tripled if blades are not correctly maintained.


For maximum durability and performance, we recommend 95mm blades on a solid shaft. Our customers get approximately 7000 tonnes out of one set of blades by using this configuration. For more information, view a used Maalacan chopper drum blade.

Please select from the following options:

Number of BladesShaftBlade Length
2 No Shaft 65mm
3 Hollow 95mm
4 Solid  

All configurations feature:

  • Robust construction
  • Even blade wear
  • Longer blade life
    • Hard facing along length of clamp and seat
    • 40mm thick blade seat
    • Bolts recessed into blade clamp
    • Gussets


 View detailed information in the Harvester Parts product brochure.

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I put Maalacan choppers in the old harvester last year. We found the overlap on the knives is more than efficient and you get a lot better life out of them. Last year we got a bit over 7000 tonne out of one set of knives, which was really good. Access to change the knives is great with plenty of room to move and the rebated section saves the head of the bolts – you can keep your money in your pocket instead of putting it in the scrap bin.

I haven’t seen it done before but the hard facing on the clamp bar is good. The drums copped a fair bit of impact last year, almost cut through 1½” steel without doing any damage. It was quite surprising nothing got dinted. Well there is one little dint but that’s going to happen in steel.

We bought a new harvester this year and after one season with the Maalacan choppers I decided to take them out of the old harvester and fit them into the new machine. I found these choppers have a decent gap, you’re not just squashing all the juice out of the cane and making the billet lighter. It’s good for the grower and it’s good for me.

- Alf Giarraffa, Two Rivers Harvesting 


For more information on the features and benefits of Maalacan chopper drums click here.

We are now machining Harquip harvester parts.


Maalacan Cameco Chopper Drums