Maalacan Double Row Billet Planter Sugar



Easily select the rate of cane, fertilizer and suSCon from the touchscreen inside the cab.

  • Hydraulic row width adjustment (from 1.5m - 2m) 
  • Fully hydraulic rear wheel space adjustment (from 3m - 4m)
  • Hydraulic conveyor drive
  • Stainless steel fertilizer and Suscon boxes 
  • Easily adaptable to accommodate double single OR double dual-row planting
  • Fully hydraulic drive with separate motors and rate controllers for each individual row
  • Stainless steel elevator frames to protect against corrosion 
  • Functions allow use of one row for staggered ends and uneven row paddocks
  • 8 live time cameras allow visuals on the bin levels, elevators, reversing view, and the underside of the planter to ensure maximum productivity and accurate fertilizer and chemical placement
  • Heavy duty caster wheel assemblies
  • Tank capacities of your choice – all tanks filled from one easy access manifold  
  • GPS Controlled

Maalacan Engineering Double Row Billet Planter Sugar Cane Placement

The GPS allows you to take variable-rate application to the next level with a large color display for viewing and creating maps. The display also works with approved rate controllers to enhance variable-rate application.

Using a variable-rate controller on the Maalacan dual-row sugarcane billet planter allows input application rates to be varied across fields to specifically manage field variability. Variable-rate application reduces input usage and environmental impacts while increasing efficiency and providing economic benefits i.e. applying fertilizer to areas with high yield potential and reducing the amount of fertilizer in areas where nutrients are more likely to be washed out.



Working Maalacan Engineering Double Row Sugar Cane Billet Planter